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A Brighter Way To Attract More High-Profit Customers To Your Business, Starting Today

Would your business benefit from dozens, hundreds or even thousands of new customers?
Or tripling your sales conversion rates overnight?
Do you want more customers, but don’t know where to start?
Would you like to use a proven business and cash-generating device in your business to enjoy the above results?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this could be the most important website you read all year.

How Screen Wizzard Can Help You Increase Your Sales And Profits

Welcome to Screen Wizzard, a company which produces a highly-effective writing board ideal for promoting your high-street business and increasing customer foot-traffic.

The Screen Wizzard Company Ltd. has been offering innovative marketing solutions to hundreds of companies of all types and sizes since 2010.

Screen Wizzard has created, using the very latest LED technology, the perfect ‘brighter marketing’ solution to illuminate your window or till point display, and draw in more customer foot-traffic to your shop or store.

Safeguard Your Company’s Future With The Screen Wizzard

The Screen Wizzard is an innovative, multi-functional flashing fluorescent back-lit LED screen, which combines the traditional qualities of chalkboard or blackboard marketing with attractive modern technology.

It represents a modern, cost-effective and profitable way to promote your marketing and other offers successfully, and is ideal for a huge range of high-street and other businesses (including shops, pubs and clubs) keen to boost the amount of foot-traffic into their premises.



Why Screen Wizzard Represents A Sound Business-Building Tool…

The Screen Wizzard Gives You A Fast Return On Investment – free delivery anywhere in the UK

  • The Screen Wizzard creates plenty of recession-proof profit opportunities for a wide range of retail businesses
  • It represents a cost-effective marketing which boosts sales and increases turnover
  • Even if you only make an extra £10 a day (£300 a month) from your Screen Wizzard (a very conservative earnings figure exceeded by our customers), it will pay for itself within a month. After that month, everything you make is profit


The Screen Wizzard is used effectively by leading businesses

The design and ‘glowing and pulsating’ functionality of a Screen Wizzard LED board is guaranteed to attract masses of attention from your customers.

Hundreds of leading businesses across the country are now realizing the brighter marketing potential of LED writing screens.

Used and endorsed by many trusted names (including the People’s Supermarket and Praesepe PLC) Screen Wizzard boards offer an instantly long-lasting, low cost advertising solution that not only sells, but also attracts attention and helps spread your ‘news’ around your neighbourhood.

The Screen Wizzard is compact, easy to display and provides effective marketing for your business

You often only get one chance to capture the attention of potential customers when they walk by your business premises. The Screen Wizzard does this by creating curiosity and excitement with prospects and customers.

The Screen Wizzard range of eye-catching back-lit LED screens provide marketing opportunities across an infinite number of market sectors.

It also promotes your business to potential customers 24 hours a day, not just when you are open or during the darker evenings.


As you can see from the comments below, our customers have been delighted by the increase in traffic and sales generated by using our screens:

…very easy and quick to create eye catching messages that customers respond to. We love them, as not only have we saved money on expensive window POS, we have also increased our sales.

‘…there is nothing else on the market that can grab the attention for the same price…’

‘…We take around £80 a day extra…a good return on investment…’

‘…The Screen Wizzards have been really worth the initial investment and I would recommend them to other restaurateurs… a fantastic concept and delivers cost effective marketing…’


‘…a fantastic marketing tool to have in a time of recession. We have been so impressed with the results that we introduced three other businesses to the product…’

To see what these clients, and our other clients and delighted customers say about the Screen Wizzard, please click this link for screen wizzard reviews.


The Screen Wizzard Is Easy To Use (Technical Support Is Also Provided)

  • Very little staff training is required to make the Screen Wizzard work
  • You’re also provided with plenty of on-going marketing and technical advice and support on how to get the best from your Screen Wizzard

Screen Wizzard LED Writing Screens highlight focal points around your premises. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Behind the bar/menu boards in a cafe or pub
  • End of aisle promotions at the supermarket
  • Or as a portable communication tool to spread your latest business news.


The Screen Wizzard re-writable screen is multifunctional, lightweight and portable, in sizes and specifications to meet all your marketing needs:

  • Screen Wizzard flashing LED screens and boards offer a highly flexible and adaptable alternative to expensive, fixed digital signage.
  • Screen Wizzard’s portable, re-writable screens are available in a variety of sizes to suit your individual business needs, up to 1m x 0.6m.
  • Ideal for multiple industry usage, the Screen Wizzard is also environmentally friendly and durable, with a range of modern designs, bespoke accessories, and a 50,000 hour LED capacity.

The Screen Wizzard is available at low cost:

  • Screen Wizard LED writing screens offer 24 hour visibility for businesses, with investment starting from as low as £199.99. A small investment when you consider the extra customers and profits it will generate for you.
  • Screen Wizzard Ltd. has a strong commitment to supporting UK businesses and to this end we offer discounts to corporate clients and multiple purchases.
  • Every Screen Wizzard product is manufactured to a high specification and is fully covered by an 18-month guarantee.
  • free delivery for UK



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Since launching Screen Wizzard Ltd, Mindy Paul has helped hundreds of business owners and information publishers use Screen Wizzards to boost their customer foot-traffic, sales and profits. For more details on Mindy Paul’s career and achievements, please click here.

Mindy Paul and Screen Wizzard Ltd also welcome enquiries from companies and individuals seeking additional marketing and joint venture opportunities. Should you wish to ask Mindy about these services, please click on this link.

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