The Screen Wizzard Story

The Screen Wizzard business was established in autumn 2010, and the idea for creating it came from a voyage to the other side of the world….

A retailer on a business trip to the Far East discovered a new and exciting product, one which grabbed his attention (and a lot of other customers going into the shop in question), and gave him an idea which was to revolutionize store front marketing and advertising forever.

It was an unusual shop window display which contained a flashing, re-writable hand-written shop sign lit up the streets of Shanghai.

After getting over his initial amazement at how bright and persuasive these shop signs were, and following plenty of research, he contacted the manufacturer of these backlit LED boards to buy one and fly it back to the U.K. for some market research.

He soon realised that other companies were offering similar flashing screens. However, they were without exception cheap, untested and badly manufactured.

With this in mind, he conducted a complete overhaul and upgrading of these menu board screens, until he had produced the Screen Wizzard as it’s known today.

Chairman’s Message…

Hello and welcome to the Screen Wizzard…

My name is Mindy Paul and I’m the director of Screen Wizzard. Since 2010 I’ve helped hundreds of businesses of all sizes in a huge range of market niches to generate extra customers, sales and profits, by building a successful signage business.

I know the business inside-out, and after much trial and error know what works.

Now I’m in a position to share my hard-won insider secrets of what it really takes to earn regular profits from Screen Wizzards, the surprisingly effective lead generation LED screens which represents the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow and high-profit signage business-building device available in the UK today.

Mindy Paul

Screen Wizzard – The Details…

  • The Screen Wizzard screens are sourced from Japan and are made from the highest quality acrylics for durability. They are then finish to the highest standards.
  • The Screen Wizzard is a flashing fluorescent version of the chalkboard that offers 24-hour visibility for businesses with minimal investment.
  • The re-writable signs are available in many sizes to suit your requirements, one ideal place being shop retail window displays, and can be used across all market sectors including:
  1. Retail
  2. Leisure & hospitality
  3. Beauty
  4. Licensed trade,
  5. Sports,
  6. Education,
  7. General business
  8. And many more…

Based on our experience, it’s hard to imagine a business which wouldn’t benefit from using a Screen Wizzard to increase their walk-in trade.