PR stunts

Ideal for:


  • All businesses

Marketing Suggestions:
All businesses turn to PR to increase awareness and spread the word. Wearing or placing one of our vibrant 7 colour LED screens in a prominent place throughout the UK, such as publishing houses for Heat, Nuts, FHM, Zoo, Newspapers, outside the Big Brother House on eviction night, outside BBC Television Centre, or on your local high street on a busy Saturday night (just a few examples to get yourselves in the spotlight), do it your way and get people talking.

Recent trials by our customers are finding that using our LED writing boards are generating an exceptional boost in takings, with the Queens Jubilee and the Olympics coming up the opportunities are endless. Use them for:

  • Product launches – Use them as part of your launch strategy to add visibility
  • Promotional – Screens can be used to add colour and humour to your promotions
  • Generate awareness – wear LED boards around the town centre at night time and wait for the results!
  • Increase sales – direct customers to your business and reap the benefits
  • Good PR – Attract attention with our new generation menu boards
  • Advertising – strengthen your message in your own unique style
  • Evening demonstrations – Add the ‘wow’ factor to your evening event
  • Exhibitions – Use them outside your stand, or wear them around the exhibition as mobile advertising of your presence.

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