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LED Writing Screens To Rule Public Displays Soon!

The world of public marketing is bracing itself to be overtaken by LED writing screens. From anything from small to large markets, it is evident that large LED screens are on display everywhere. Not only do they appear through a wide range of public sectors but also in private markets. This new technology is fast taking over other methods of marketing and advertising. Its role has been broadened and stats and figures confirm that it has indeed played an essential role in boosting businesses through increased interaction of customers.

led writing screens for business
Make an immediate impact on your business

There have been many changes in technology over the past few years that have led to a shift in marketing strategy from small businesses to large businesses the world over. In the UK especially, the changes have been of an enormous proportion. Businesses are constantly evolving their marketing strategies to adjust to new and effective methods that would yield the highest ROI. These have subsequently resulted in the role of LED Writing Screens being modified in ways that would change the entire landscape of marketing. Now LED board displays are acquired, employed and operated in new modern methods.

Coming back to why LED are now poised to take over the public display, the most important factor is that the potential users have been showing an immediate willingness to employ large LED screens to market their products. These range from advertisers to architects to consultants and from large businesses to small businesses. This newly acquired trend also received a significant boost on account of the changed planning laws that have undergone vital relaxation. Also, on the other hand, there has been an increased willingness to adopt screens in places that otherwise would have been considered too dangerous, such as roadsides.

There are three other important factors that have widened the usage of LED throughout the UK and the world. These include capability for building a screen in all sizes and shapes, mesh style construction and smaller pixel pitch displays.

We must also remember that these screens are re-writable. So as soon as one offer is exhausted you can present another. Using our fluorescent markers means you can write and draw in a number of eye-popping colours. And if you want your screens to really stand out then just add a picture rather than plain writing. The choice is yours.

Another decisive factor that massively increased the usage of LED has been the dramatic reduction in costs that has raised the demand for higher resolution displays.

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Save advertising cost with turnkey outdoor digital signs!

Did you know at just 10% the cost of traditional TV and newspaper advertisement, outdoor digital signs or LED displays have a proven track record of increasing business by up to 15% to 150%? These digital LED boards combine latest technologies and highest quality elements to make business promotions or offerings visible from even thousands of meters and deliver product messages to a wider audience. Resistant to weather and environmental conditions, Screen Wizzard outdoor digital signs are not just smart and reliable but also offer several other benefits:

Turnkey Solution

The LED outdoor signs are ready-to-use. Just plug your device into a power socket, prepare a presentation using interactive software integrated with the system, mount screen on the retail window, and quickly display your products, promotions, or services to your target audience.

Customisable Presentations

Our LED screens are highly customisable. The user-friendly software makes it simple to develop and schedule different presentations for pre-determined times – perfect for effective commercial offers or campaigns.

Adjustable Brightness

With bright LED screens make sure your business is properly promoted at all times, be it day or night. The brightness of outdoor signs can be easily adjusted to ensure effective viewing throughout.

Flexible Size

We offer LED displays in almost any size. You can extend dimensions of your LED sign board even after your initial purchase to meet your specific advertisement or campaign requirements.

Multilingual Support

Screen Wizzard LED boards provide you a great opportunity to target and connect with multicultural audience by enabling you to display text in any font or language of your choice.

Reliable and Effective

Our outdoor sign board products are designed exclusively for external use. Therefore, our LED screens are water, snow, and humidity resident and work effectively in disparate situation.

Visible from hundreds of meters

Recognised as one of the most cost effective advertising media by different statistics, LED signs allow people to see your advertisements from hundreds of meters. Our LED displays can be clearly seen from a long distance and are readable even in the full sunlight!

For more advertising and customisable LED displays, neon signs, illuminated menu signs, and digital boards, Contact one of our customer help experts with your questions at 0844 502 1681.

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How to make the most out of a custom-made neon sign?

A retail business, dealing with day to day customers, need something more than a good location in order to bring in customers. It needs a money-making advertising campaign that can help distinguish their products and services in a crowded marketplace and force people to notice at a glance. For a variety of businesses in retail, often custom designed neon light board is the answer. Highly visible electric sign boards can seize people’s attention be it day or night. Unlike simulated or artificial neon-like signs, real neon sign boards are quickly readable in disparate environments.

Screen Wizzard offers an array of self-contained, portable, and custom made neon signs to deliver eye-catching results in eventful markets. Innovative neon technology combined with state of the art customisation features allows pretty fast concept-to-customer times, offers great value, and brings excellence to the traditional advertising. Our high-quality neon boards use custom layouts and are tailored to deliver the advertising benefits of neon light to the widest range of businesses. Sourced from Japan, our neon signs are well-built and reliable. In order to maximise the effectiveness, we have custom built creative neon light applications within.

  • Neon signs for indoor use in clubs, bars and other environments focused on nightlife
  • Draw in potential customers with interesting deals and offers displayed right outside the retail window or shop
  • Highlight your business, products, or services along with your specific logo or specialties
  • Cut energy cost with green signs while building up revenue and brand awareness
  • Make your retail window display match the decor and vibe of your business
  • Seize people’s attention twenty-four hours a day

We welcome your inquiries! Our illuminated business signs and LED screens may be shipped almost anywhere. Please feel free to send us your questions via e-mail at or contact 0844 502 1681.We look forward to hearing from you.

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Lovers there’s light at the end of the tunnel

On Valentine’s Day some people who are less fortunate than other maybe sitting there thinking that they’ll never fight their SOULMATE but alas all is not lost as one single Londoner proved yesterday.

25-year-old Melanie Sinclair who, determined to find the light of her life, chose a unique way of finding her Mr Right.screen-wizzard-red-lady-1

Carrying a specially hand-written LED illuminated sign the stunning blonde made sure she stood out in Leicester Square in her bid for finding love.

Within minutes, queues of would-be lovers formed to check out Melanie’s email address which was written on the sign along with the message: ‘Be my Valentine – email me your photos and details’.

Since then Melanie has been inundated with replies and the only trouble now is pick who to go out with?

The Mindy Paul MD of Screen Wizzard the company that makes the signs told DAILY SPORT “Because the illuminated messages on our writing screens can be changed at any time, retail outlets can adapt them to suit any announcement or promotion to pull in extra customers. Happily the same principal has applied to getting Melanie well on the way to finding the man of her dreams”

It only goes to prove that to find you’re ideal love, you just need to show them a sign!


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How to Beat Recession with Screen Wizzard signs

In the current economy, every penny does count, so instead of spending it on costly and expensive Point of Sale material and advertisement, use this minimal one with flashing neon menu boards. By the way, it will help you advertise with a more catchy and attractive nature. It will help you increase sales with a added wow factor. Therefore, one way of defeating recession is through this way.

What is a Screen Wizzard and how does this work?

Screen Wizzard is new and innovative advertising method using a LED screen with a back – lit flashing fluorescent board. This advertising is cost – efficient, cost – effective and more noticeable and attractive than the traditional chalkboard style. Remember that each of these original and inventive screens can give you up to 24 – hour’s visibility for the advertisement.

Each of these screens contains seven different LED colored flashing light with main supply – battery pack, which is optional that usually powers each of these units. Begin to sketch and draw the designs to fit your advertisement with using free – hand or template. Then, plug its battery pack and turn these units on and its controls are extremely simple and easy. By the way, your message will be exceptionally visible, which attracts attentions.

Economic Trends

In order to beat recession, it is always necessary to know that this situation is a normal part of any business cycles. Nevertheless, to take advantage of this situation, you need to learn the best marketing strategies that will help fight back this business recession. Yet, surviving this situation is not an impossible task, and counteracting it may affect many things. Learning these strategies is easy, but you need to learn those basic terms related to recession and these are as follows:

1) Deflation – is the sudden decrease of the prices of goods, services, and even commodities. Bear in mind that these events will make the economy unstable, so this is a result of inflation accompanied by recession. It is easily predictable when it happens because the prices are always depending on economic stability, demands, and supply.

2) Inflation – is the sudden rise or increase of prices of basic goods and commodities. This is not an ordinary situation because its sudden rise caused by high – rates of growth in the money supply. It also decreases in the value of unit of money or currency and measures by rate of change of price index.

3) Stagflation – is the condition of relatively high unemployment rate and slow economic growth. It is a time when economic stagnation accompanied by inflation or deflation. In this situation, it may last approximately 5 – 10 years.

Why use screen wizzard?

Using the screen wizzard can help you beat this recession added with the knowledge of economic trends and marketing strategies. This is affordable and effective in this situation and can make a phenomenal return on your investments. It is more visible and cheaper than those old traditional printed advertising and can stand – out in a crowded marketplace. It is convenient because you can edit and reposition it anywhere for better viewing than before. As a result, using Screen Wizzard can make a big difference!

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LED technology helps you grow your revenue figures

An LED screen is an advertising tool that utilizes Light Emitting Diodes and special pens which make the necessary writings on the screen; the diodes can be activated to emit light which as a result causes the writing to illuminate. These screens can be utilized as outdoors store signs or indoor signs for advertisement. Apart from their use for on screens LEDs are also used for general lighting, stage lighting and task lighting.

LED Screens can be utilized by shop owners to advertise the items they are selling, by restaurant owners to show the menu they are serving to the public and by pub owners to light up the area or to advertise. The Screen Wizzard Company ( is a company that sells these LED screens. There are a variety of the screens which one can purchase according to their taste. LED screens are a great communication tool to consumers; there are two types of LED screens conventional LEDs and those that utilize Surface Mounted Device (SMD) panels. They are both useful with most indoor screens utilizing the SMD panels more than the conventional LEDs.

Light Emitting Diodes use has become rampant in many industries since the LED lights utilize less power and have a much longer life span. Utilizing them is simply an efficient way of life; this is part of the reason why Screen Wizzard sells these LED screens, they are bound to increase the number of customers who visit your pub, restaurant or shop. For starters, the LED lights which have blue, red and green diodes are very colorful and thus attractive; using these screens in a pub definitely brings life to the specific pub and it results in an increase in the number of customers.

A transparent LED Screen would be ideal for restaurant and shop owners to advertise their menu and products respectively. These screens serve the purpose that chalk boards used to serve the only difference is that they are more efficient and much more beautiful. These screens can be part of the design in your shop/restaurant and a great design always earns more customers. Instead of the traditional chalkboards you can purchase these screens together with their pens from Screen Wizzard and advertise your products in style; their beauty is bound to get your premise noticed.

LED screens are suitable for advertisement mainly because they are visible from a far off distant therefore they are ideal for outdoor use in business premises. They have a flashing capability which tends to attract people towards them thus prompting them to purchase from your outlet and they are long lasting as opposed to chalk boards. LED screens are much easier to write on, clean and rewrite on. They have an advantage of using power efficiently and are not affected by color, shape or size of the screen.

LED lighting does not utilize color filters and can therefore emit the color of your choice. They do not require you to write big letters so that a person from a distant can get to see what you are advertising as is the case with chalkboards, even letters of small sizes can be seen clearly. Many businesses are adopting the use of LED lighting and screens because they are efficient and long lasting, do not be left out of this great opportunity.

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Screen Wizzard Increases Turnover

The business world has certainly come a long way from the Stone Age business era. One of the most prominent changes is the increase in the number of businesses spread across the globe. This has in turn led to stiff competition in an attempt to catch people’s attention. Businesses have responded to this competition by coming up with innovative and intensive marketing plans for their products and services.

Technology has played quite a significant role in the creation and development of these new and advanced marketing methods. The internet is without question one of the most extensively used marketing platform in the business world. However, there is another new technique that is both unique and attention grabbing. The unique and unconventional thing about this new technology is that it has nothing to do with the internet. It relies solely on visual based technology to attract customers.

I am talking about the new Screen Wizzard, which is fast becoming an advertising method of choice especially in the UK. So what is it? Remember those lit up neon lights and advertisements you saw last time you were in town at night? Well, this is something close to that. The difference is that the Screen Wizzard uses a flashing fluorescent backlit LED screen to highlight certain graphics. The screen is manufactured to attain a high electrical specification. This ensures that it becomes a truly affective attention grabber hence increasing your market base.

This is an advertising idea that every pub owner, store-owner and retailer should make use of. It is mostly applicable in highlighting promotion areas, menus in a restaurant or simply in any area that you wish to advertise your business in.

The Screen Wizzard increases turnover by attracting more customers with the ‘glow’ of the screen area. One of the biggest advantages of the Screen Wizzard is that it can be used 24 hours a day. This means that you are getting unlimited ‘airtime’ to market your business and at a ridiculously cost effective way. Another advantage is their portability, which ensures that you can easily move the screen to a location of your choice. There are several different sizes of the handwritten screens available to suit your every requirement.

Basically, the Screen Wizzard has brought a revolution in the visual marketing industry. It is especially appealing to store owners, pubs and restaurants due to their effectiveness and cost efficiency. Where else do you get to advertise for 24 hours and the only payment, you make a small power bill?

The screens vary in price depending on the size and number of purchases. However, the sooner you get yourself several of them the better. This is because soon everyone will realize how effective they are, and it will now be difficult to get one. You can be sure that you will not regret your purchase. The Screen Wizzard will increase your turnover almost overnight. Your business will receive an unprecedented number of clients all because of this new and highly innovative technology.

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Increase footfall to increase revenue

Establishing a successful business is not an easy task. Some business owners like night clubs owners, shop owners and retailers will testify that it takes more than just opening up doors to potential clients. Lot of planning and strategies will be needed to catch the undivided attention of a potential customer out there, thus resulting in increased footfall at ones business premises.

One of these strategies is the use of flashing signs. This refers to those modern day signs that are technologically modified to brighten up the advertisement of businesses, especially at night. The screens are more appropriate in business such as the hotels, bars and pubs, and not forgetting the shops. The screens have become a natural successor to the boards that initially where being used in the past years, you know the ones, the chalkboards which were messy and didn’t clean very well.

The flashy signs or boards are composed of fluorescents lights that are incorporated behind a screen that is usually a LED. The Screen that you decide to go with depends on your needs;a larger screen that will stand out at night, or something smaller, more subtle .

High quality products should always be considered. Get one that is made to last. There are lots of manufacturers in the business. Getting in touch with the best one might seem tricky, but with the right consultation services, advice from friends and visiting various sites online, you’ll be able to evaluate the best there is in the market. That way you will get a flashing sign that will not go dim after a few months of service, thus ensuring increased footfall at your business premises.

One advantage with some of these products from some manufacturers is the aspect of creating ones that are re-writable. This means it will be able to adapt well to the changes that will take place in the business in future. That way you will not have to go about incurring extra expenses buying new signs whenever there are changes to adhere to in the business world.

By the rule of nature, anything made by man is subject to error. That means you ought not to be so convinced that the screen brought is the best in the market. Always go for one that comes with such things like warrant. They not only give one the idea that it is of quality standards but also helps creates confidence with the manufacturer.

The screens are a revolution in the world of marketing. Reason being, they will not only advertise your business during working hours but also even long after one closes their doors for the night. All this gets to happen at a very low cost making it one of the better options to do marketing with in the modern day.

One of the cheapest means of marketing today, you ought to use it for more footfall to increase revenue. Getting in touch with the best producers in the business will be a good start off point . The quality bright writing screens will greatly contribute to the increase in sales at your premises.

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How to attract new customers?

It has been asked many times, “how do you attract customers to your business?” Previous generations will tell you they went to one certain shop or store because they received great service and value there. In today’s environment you can find the same item in five local shops or thousands of online stores.

In today’s market we need to supply a great product and then beat out all the other vendors and still supply great service. That seems like a tall order, but with a little work this can be achieved.
One of the best was to attract customers is to find out and understand who you are trying to sell too. Once you know your audience, then you can find techniques that are more appealing to them. You will have to do a little research to find your target audience; once you do you will have part of the puzzle finished to get more customers. One way to achieve this is to use one of our backlit led signs from The Screen Wizzard Company.

Find your targeted audience and your sales will increase?

Well the best way to do this is to take the research that you did figure out who your customers are and to highly target the people in the demographic which are already buying from you.
You have to understand that certain services appeal to a certain audience. Remember the best way to get more customers is to listen to your current customers.
Market research will show exactly who you customer is and what they need or desire by buying from you. Using a back lit LED sign from The Screen Wizzard Company will make it easy to appeal to your customer base.

Defining your market and increasing your customer base.

You need a clear message to send to your customers. It will be a lot easier now that you know who you’re selling too. It is recommended that you emphasis on branding and making sure you make your product push toward your target demographic. Some will suggest cold calling or networking is your best route to achieve this.
I think that branding by having the right signage to get you name out and to have a proper website to handle the answering of any questions your audience might have. The backlit LED sign from The Screen Wizzard Company is the answer to this issue also.

Make sure your customer stick around!

When you have a good customer base offer them something of value. Try bundling services or offering discounts on a second item. This will make the customer feel better about purchasing from you. The customer will feel like they’re getting more for their money.
One other way to keep a customer around is to offer some sort of loyalty program to your long term customers. This will keep your customers even more when they make five purchases they will get something free.

Another thing that keeps customers coming back is to offer some sort of insider program were they will get info about upcoming deals or products. A customer loyalty program and bundling program can both be announced on a back lit LED Sign from The Screen Wizzard Company.

By now you should see the power in using the backlit LED signs The Screen Wizzard Company to increase and create new business for your company.

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1 simple but effective way to dramatically increase your ROI

We have all heard that over 50% of all businesses fail in their first year. There are several reasons for this, but it always comes down to expenditures exceeding profits. The only way to grow a successful business is to make more than you spend. This is a simple concept but as statistics show it is a little more difficult to actually put this principle into application.
When asked, what it takes to grow a profitable business, most people will reply that you need customers. While this is true, it is not the whole truth. The world is full of customers. For every business there are customers out there who would be willing to purchase their products.
The real problem is not the lack of customers, but the ability to attact these customers attention.
In this day and age people are chronically preoccupied. They have places to go and people to see. Gone are the days of wasted time. Every spare moment is filled with phone calls, text messages or researching something on a smart phone.
This is why it is so important for businesses to find effective ways to catch their customers attention. There needs to be a cost effective way to stop a customer in their tracks, and peel their eyes away from their phone to look at your product for a mere second. This interruption of their attention and redirection towards your products will be the difference between earning a loyal repeat customer or simply going unnoticed yet again.
As promised, there is one very simple and cost effective way to grab the attention of a prospective customer. That is with an LED writing screen.
An LED writing screen offers business owners the ability to effectively communicate their message in a way that does not go unnoticed. Business owners of all sizes and markets have proven the effectiveness of an LED screen. Major grocery store chains use them to draw customers towards the products that must be sold.
A simple placement of an LED writing screen announcing a sale on baked bread, can lead to hundreds in increased sales as well as money saved from having to discard expired products.
Night club owners have experienced huge returns on investment by placing the LED signs in windows and building entrances. Making this small adjustment allows drivers and pedestrians passing by the ability to see a brightly lit screen announcing that it is ladies night or that a popular band is being featured.
The effectiveness of utilizing LED writing screens has been proven time and time again, the issue is how can you ensure that your screen is unique and effective.
To this  you must ensure you only buy from a trusted source. specializes in affordable and unique LED writing screens of the utmost reliability and quality. The goal of purchasing a screen is to realize a return on investment. This is why it is important that you are wary of cheap competitors.
You want a screen with a combination of long lifespan, unique design, energy efficiency and of course low cost. No other company achieves all these goals as well as ScreenWizzard.
Don’t let another customer pass you by.
Get their attention, earn a new customer, and make money.