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Three benefits of a LED message board

Communicating with potential buyers is a must for any business. However, marketing can cost any business a lot of money. From printed materials such as flyers and business cards, to newspaper advertising or a company website, finding a cost-effective solution can be really tough. That’s where a LED message board comes in, helping you with your conversation with prospective customers, and supporting your marketing budget.

A LED message board can help you to save money in three ways. The first is re-usability. Because the board can be easily wiped clean, thanks to a special liquid chalk, you can quickly make changes as you see fit. Say you have special offers on a Thursday, and a event on Saturday. The liquid chalk allows you to wipe it easily and make that change you need. With fixed message boards, you can’t make changes like this. The fact that one board gives you so much versatility means you don’t have to keep spending money on different boards, or any other type of signage for that matter.

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24 Hour Visibility

Whether you’re a high street retailer, a pub landlord, a restaurant or a market stall holder your business thrives on marketing and promotion, and visibility is what makes you stand out from the crowd of passing traffic.

A Screen Wizzard is designed to do just that, to promote your business in its brightest light. Placed in your shop window or suspended from a good vantage point, each Screen Wizzard can display a bright neon static image or can be simply and swiftly configured to display a dazzling array of colour that draws your products or services to the forefront of attention.

And it’s not restricted to trading hours. Unlike other forms of advertising, your LED writing screen or blackboard really comes into it’s own when the sun goes down. At night, a ScreenWizzard really shines. Leave it in your shop window and draw pedestrians and motorists to your business. Like moths to a candle they won’t be able to resist reading your offers.

With the low prices on offer and the massive return on investment these screens bring, do yourself a favor and check out the best model for your needs.