The Screen Wizzard – Your Questions Answered

By now you’ve seen a lot of information concerning the Screen Wizzard LED Neon Screen.

To help you understand exactly how a Screen Wizzard can help you grow your business, sales and profits, please find below some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective customers.

If you require further assistance, then please feel free to contact us and our Screen Wizzard team will help you understand the benefits these neon retail signs can bring your business.

“What exactly is a Screen Wizzard?”

The Screen Wizzard is an innovative, flashing fluorescent back-lit LED screen.

It represents a more cost-effective and more noticeable version of the traditional style chalkboard.

Each Screen Wizzard offers 24-hour visibility for businesses – with minimal investment.

These portable, re-writable neon retail signs are available in many sizes to suit your requirements, and each handwritten screen is manufactured to a high electrical specification: click here to see a list of the Screen Wizzard products available.

“How do Screen Wizzards work?”

Each screen contains a seven coloured flashing LED light – these screens are supplied with a battery pack which powers the unit. Draw on your design (use a template or go free-hand), plug the battery pack in and turn the unit on – the controls are very simple.

Your sales message will be highly visible and attract a lot of attention.

“How Quickly Can I Recoup My Screen Wizzard Investment?”

Even in a recession, the Screen Wizzard will soon give you a significant Return on Investment, as one of our customers has found (see his testimonial below).

‘…We take around £80 a day extra…a good return on investment…’ “We use the screen to show our free bottle of wine offer. We take around £80 a day extra than normal, so a good return on investment. The happiest £179 I’ve ever spent.” Ali, Kebab Hut

The figures may be different for your business (although if a kebab house can generate an extra £80 a day in revenue, the figures for your company may be considerably higher).

In other words…

The Screen Wizzard Is A Totally Self-Financing, High-Profit Low-Risk Investment…

As proof of this, have a look at the earnings table below, based on an average income generated from ONE day (£80 profit per day), a highest and lowest Screen Wizzard price of £229 and £79 respectively, and an average month of 30 days…

Screen-Shot-2013-05-01-at-11.02.39 WWW

Naturally the exact figures will vary from business to business. You may be wondering… “Is £80.00 a day profit achievable”? The answer is a resounding yes.

So while the initial Screen Wizzard investment may not appear to be low, the reality – as you’ve seen in the table above – is very different.

What’s more, when you compare your Screen Wizzard investment fee to the high quality of the product and support you get, it represents tremendous value for money. And the chance to make a lot more than your initial investment.

Cover Your Investment In Less Than 30 Days…

Think of it as an investment in your future. Not only can you generate extra income from your Screen Wizzard, you’ll also save money by avoiding other poor-quality products and advice. So you come out ahead both ways.

Even if you only make an extra £10 a day from your Screen Wizzard (a very conservative earnings figure), it will pay for itself completely within a month. After that month, everything you make is profit…

Please click HERE for a full list of the Screen Wizzard product range (including prices).

“Is installation simple? Are Screen Wizzards easy to use?”

Installing your Screen Wizzard (and getting it up and running and bringing more foot traffic into your premises) is very easy and requires no special skills or training.

Simply unpack your Screen Wizzard device, plug in the inbuilt power pack provided and you’re ready to start attracting more customers into your business.

Full instructions and on-going support are also provided when you order your device.

“Which Screen Wizzard model will help me generate the highest sales and profits?”

Before investing in your Screen Wizzard, and to help you make the best choice for you and your business, you’ll need to ask yourself some key questions.

For example…

“Will you be moving the screen around?”

“Is it going to be for inside or outside use?”

“How far away is the screen going to be away from your intended audience?”

“How far away from your main entrance will you be placing the Screen Wizzard?”

“And what are you using it for?”

Do you have any questions about Screen Wizzard? Then please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE and we can help you make the best choice.

“What can Screen Wizzards be used for?”

  • Screen Wizzards are a simple and high-tech promotional tool which enables you to attract attention and boost the visibility of all your company promotions.
  • The Screen Wizzard flashing LED Billboard screens offer a flexible and adaptable alternative to fixed (and expensive) digital signage.
  • A new generation, easy to operate product which highlights window displays and till points, they’re also designed to draw customer attention to other key focal points around your premises.
  • These include (but are not limited to):
  1. Behind the bar/menu board at a cafe or pub
  2. End of aisle promotions at the supermarket or as
  3. As a tool to spread your business news
  4. And many more…

Please click HERE for a full list of the Screen Wizzard product range (including prices)

“What makes a Screen Wizzard better than chalkboards and other types of signage?”

The Screen Wizzard is a flashing fluorescent version of the traditional menu style chalkboard.

It advertises your company with a low investment high-visibility 24-hour promotional tool designed to generate significantly more foot traffic into your business, and pay for itself within a short space of time.

It does this by providing cost-effective advertising, PR, and marketing in an original and attention-grabbing format.

Screen Wizzards are also versatile – they can be used for all kinds of window displays and POS advertising, in bars, restaurants, cafes, and for PR stunts.

Please click HERE for more information on which Screen Wizzard is best for you and your business.

“There are plenty of other screens on the market, so why should I buy yours?”

Naturally there are other cheaper products on the market, but they are generally manufactured with heavy and easily-breakable glass screens. What’s more, they are unable to provide the same guarantee of quality as a Screen Wizzard.

All Screen Wizzards are made from the finest components, which include scratch resistant acrylic, also coated to stop them discolouring over time, together with high-quality LEDs to ensure the display remains bright.

Please click HERE to see some of our many Screen Wizzard customer testimonials

“Do you sell ‘Open’ signs?”

No, but if the doors of your premises are open, and your lights are on, your customers will probably realise your business is open.

The Screen Wizzard LED screen works best by presenting your products and services in their best light, and attracting more foot traffic – and potential customers – into your shop.

(NB – If you want to, you can also write ‘OPEN’ on your Screen Wizzard to make it absolutely clear that you’re open for business).

“Do I need any special equipment to use a Screen Wizzard?”

No. All the equipment you need to operate your Screen Wizzard will be included in your Welcome Pack. (NB – you can also get your pens from us. Click here for a full list of additional Screen Wizzard equipment).

“How long will my Screen Wizzard last?”

The Screen Wizzard Neon LED Screen is designed to last for around 50,000 hours of use. This is equivalent to 7 years of continuous use.

“Am I covered by a Screen Wizzard guarantee/warranty?”

Your Screen Wizzard LED screen is covered by our 12 month guarantee. This means that should you have a technical problem at any time during the 12 months following your purchase, we will either fix or replace your Screen Wizzard.

(Please note that the writing area appearance is excluded).

“How much is a Screen Wizzard?”

All of our Screen Wizzards offer a cheaper, more modern and more effective sales delivery medium than traditional sales and marketing strategies.

Not only do they offer permanent signage, they are re-usable, easily changeable and very visible to everyone walking past your premises.

Screen Wizzard prices range from £79 to £229.

Please click HERE for a full list of the Screen Wizzard product range (including prices).

“How long will it take me to receive my Screen Wizzard order?”

Once we receive your details your order will be despatched immediately by express courier service, and you should receive your delivery within 48 hours.

“How can I order a Screen Wizzard?”

To see which Screen Wizzard sign will best help your business to increase sales, please click here for a full list of Screen Wizzards

If you could do with a bit more information first, or have a few questions, the please feel free to contact us.

Either you can email us today by clicking HERE.

Or you can call us on the following telephone number:

“What are your Terms and Conditions for my Screen Wizzard?”

You will find a full list of our terms and conditions here …(click here for terms and conditions)




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