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How This Screen Helped a London Store Make a ROI within 48 Hrs

The Screen Wizzard Company offers the latest in technological advances in billboard advertising. The screen consists of a fluorescent back-lit flashing LED display that makes 24-hour visibility easy and cost-effective for any business. This LED signage product is portable and re-writeable, making it a great pub chalkboard or bar chalkboard.

These advertising screens are available in black or transparent backgrounds, and range in size from LED function strips, to anywhere from 47-100 cm. Special pens for this LED writing board are available in a variety of bright, fluorescent colors, including white, yellow, green, blue, red, and purple, making text of drawings stand out against a flashing LED background. Each screen is supplied by a battery pack that powers the unit. The screens are fully mobile and cheaper than print advertising. With simple operating controls, your message will be highly visible within seconds, attracting a lot of attention, thus making return revenue for your store. The screen has the capability of paying for itself within 48 hours.

The Discount Store in London purchased the screen from Screen Wizzard Company and reported back, “Top product for any promotion! Got rid of a lot of stock over the festive period thanks to the Wizzard! RETURN OF INVESTMENT IN LESS THAN 48 HOURS!! WE would advise anyone to get one or even 2 of these without a second lost!!” That is just one of the many awesome reviews of the Screen Wizzard by satisfied customers.

Flashing LED signs by the Screen Wizzard Company are perfect for nighttime trade businesses, pubs and clubs, bars, restaurants, retail stores, leisure businesses, beauty salons, bed & breakfast advertising, and PR stunts, as well as offering ongoing advertising for business during after hours.

Another customer review states, “We have been using the screen wizard for the last 3 months at the Cross Keys pub in Marlow and have found it to be the most noticeable form of advertising we have ever used. This is based on the amount of customer feedback we have received. To be able to write your own messages in full color and see them illuminated, changing color and pulsating is a unique way of getting your message across. We totally recommend this product and the only way it could be improved would be to have it available in yet more different sizes to suit a variety of display locations.”

The Screen Wizzard Company strives for quality and perfection in every area of the business. Their LED writing screens are manufactured to first class standard. The staff members are highly qualified and courteous, making sure that their customers are especially cared for before, during, and after a sale.

Yet another satisfied customer said that they use the screen to show a free offer, making them around £80 a day extra than normal, also claiming that it was a good return of investment for their business. The company offers multiple discounts, corporal discounts, and free delivery and set of pens with orders over £90.

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