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How to Beat Recession with Screen Wizzard signs

In the current economy, every penny does count, so instead of spending it on costly and expensive Point of Sale material and advertisement, use this minimal one with flashing neon menu boards. By the way, it will help you advertise with a more catchy and attractive nature. It will help you increase sales with a added wow factor. Therefore, one way of defeating recession is through this way.

What is a Screen Wizzard and how does this work?

Screen Wizzard is new and innovative advertising method using a LED screen with a back – lit flashing fluorescent board. This advertising is cost – efficient, cost – effective and more noticeable and attractive than the traditional chalkboard style. Remember that each of these original and inventive screens can give you up to 24 – hour’s visibility for the advertisement.

Each of these screens contains seven different LED colored flashing light with main supply – battery pack, which is optional that usually powers each of these units. Begin to sketch and draw the designs to fit your advertisement with using free – hand or template. Then, plug its battery pack and turn these units on and its controls are extremely simple and easy. By the way, your message will be exceptionally visible, which attracts attentions.

Economic Trends

In order to beat recession, it is always necessary to know that this situation is a normal part of any business cycles. Nevertheless, to take advantage of this situation, you need to learn the best marketing strategies that will help fight back this business recession. Yet, surviving this situation is not an impossible task, and counteracting it may affect many things. Learning these strategies is easy, but you need to learn those basic terms related to recession and these are as follows:

1) Deflation – is the sudden decrease of the prices of goods, services, and even commodities. Bear in mind that these events will make the economy unstable, so this is a result of inflation accompanied by recession. It is easily predictable when it happens because the prices are always depending on economic stability, demands, and supply.

2) Inflation – is the sudden rise or increase of prices of basic goods and commodities. This is not an ordinary situation because its sudden rise caused by high – rates of growth in the money supply. It also decreases in the value of unit of money or currency and measures by rate of change of price index.

3) Stagflation – is the condition of relatively high unemployment rate and slow economic growth. It is a time when economic stagnation accompanied by inflation or deflation. In this situation, it may last approximately 5 – 10 years.

Why use screen wizzard?

Using the screen wizzard can help you beat this recession added with the knowledge of economic trends and marketing strategies. This is affordable and effective in this situation and can make a phenomenal return on your investments. It is more visible and cheaper than those old traditional printed advertising and can stand – out in a crowded marketplace. It is convenient because you can edit and reposition it anywhere for better viewing than before. As a result, using Screen Wizzard can make a big difference!

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