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Lovers there’s light at the end of the tunnel

On Valentine’s Day some people who are less fortunate than other maybe sitting there thinking that they’ll never fight their SOULMATE but alas all is not lost as one single Londoner proved yesterday.

25-year-old Melanie Sinclair who, determined to find the light of her life, chose a unique way of finding her Mr Right.screen-wizzard-red-lady-1

Carrying a specially hand-written LED illuminated sign the stunning blonde made sure she stood out in Leicester Square in her bid for finding love.

Within minutes, queues of would-be lovers formed to check out Melanie’s email address which was written on the sign along with the message: ‘Be my Valentine – email me your photos and details’.

Since then Melanie has been inundated with replies and the only trouble now is pick who to go out with?

The Mindy Paul MD of Screen Wizzard the company that makes the signs told DAILY SPORT “Because the illuminated messages on our writing screens can be changed at any time, retail outlets can adapt them to suit any announcement or promotion to pull in extra customers. Happily the same principal has applied to getting Melanie well on the way to finding the man of her dreams”

It only goes to prove that to find you’re ideal love, you just need to show them a sign!


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