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Save advertising cost with turnkey outdoor digital signs!

Did you know at just 10% the cost of traditional TV and newspaper advertisement, outdoor digital signs or LED displays have a proven track record of increasing business by up to 15% to 150%? These digital LED boards combine latest technologies and highest quality elements to make business promotions or offerings visible from even thousands of meters and deliver product messages to a wider audience. Resistant to weather and environmental conditions, Screen Wizzard outdoor digital signs are not just smart and reliable but also offer several other benefits:

Turnkey Solution

The LED outdoor signs are ready-to-use. Just plug your device into a power socket, prepare a presentation using interactive software integrated with the system, mount screen on the retail window, and quickly display your products, promotions, or services to your target audience.

Customisable Presentations

Our LED screens are highly customisable. The user-friendly software makes it simple to develop and schedule different presentations for pre-determined times – perfect for effective commercial offers or campaigns.

Adjustable Brightness

With bright LED screens make sure your business is properly promoted at all times, be it day or night. The brightness of outdoor signs can be easily adjusted to ensure effective viewing throughout.

Flexible Size

We offer LED displays in almost any size. You can extend dimensions of your LED sign board even after your initial purchase to meet your specific advertisement or campaign requirements.

Multilingual Support

Screen Wizzard LED boards provide you a great opportunity to target and connect with multicultural audience by enabling you to display text in any font or language of your choice.

Reliable and Effective

Our outdoor sign board products are designed exclusively for external use. Therefore, our LED screens are water, snow, and humidity resident and work effectively in disparate situation.

Visible from hundreds of meters

Recognised as one of the most cost effective advertising media by different statistics, LED signs allow people to see your advertisements from hundreds of meters. Our LED displays can be clearly seen from a long distance and are readable even in the full sunlight!

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