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How to make the most out of a custom-made neon sign?

A retail business, dealing with day to day customers, need something more than a good location in order to bring in customers. It needs a money-making advertising campaign that can help distinguish their products and services in a crowded marketplace and force people to notice at a glance. For a variety of businesses in retail, often custom designed neon light board is the answer. Highly visible electric sign boards can seize people’s attention be it day or night. Unlike simulated or artificial neon-like signs, real neon sign boards are quickly readable in disparate environments.

Screen Wizzard offers an array of self-contained, portable, and custom made neon signs to deliver eye-catching results in eventful markets. Innovative neon technology combined with state of the art customisation features allows pretty fast concept-to-customer times, offers great value, and brings excellence to the traditional advertising. Our high-quality neon boards use custom layouts and are tailored to deliver the advertising benefits of neon light to the widest range of businesses. Sourced from Japan, our neon signs are well-built and reliable. In order to maximise the effectiveness, we have custom built creative neon light applications within.

  • Neon signs for indoor use in clubs, bars and other environments focused on nightlife
  • Draw in potential customers with interesting deals and offers displayed right outside the retail window or shop
  • Highlight your business, products, or services along with your specific logo or specialties
  • Cut energy cost with green signs while building up revenue and brand awareness
  • Make your retail window display match the decor and vibe of your business
  • Seize people’s attention twenty-four hours a day

We welcome your inquiries! Our illuminated business signs and LED screens may be shipped almost anywhere. Please feel free to send us your questions via e-mail at or contact 0844 502 1681.We look forward to hearing from you.