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Want to show up in a crowded marketplace? LED screens and applications.

LED screens are all about targeting your potential clients or audience with interesting information and colourful graphics in a crowded marketplace. Using bright and illuminated LED screens, you can get your message across effectively, easily, distinctively, and profitably. It can radically change and improve the way your company interacts and communicates with your customers, enabling you to deliver personalised, instantly updatable messages when and where they are at their most effective – all whilst minimising your marketing costs and increasing your returns at the same time!

Being cost effective and easily adaptable, LED screen is the perfect medium to use for exploring unique methods to communicate –  such as for mapping routes, employee communication, advertising, promotion, and infotainment applications, etc. – in numerous vertical markets.

On average, digital panels or LED boards deliver an 18% increase in sales, excluding the many elusive benefits of an enhanced customer experience, improved promotional service and increased brand awareness. The applications of these cutting edge screens are endless and so are the opportunities. However, here are few common applications:

  • Corporate communications – Use for corporate messaging, announcement management, employee recognition, and more.
  • Advertising/POP – Enhance the shopping experience by promoting products, services, or offers on a bright LED screen.
  • ‘Wayfinding’ – Help people find way throughout your premises with illuminated maps and directions.
  • Entertainment – Improve visitor experience and avoid perceived waiting time with interesting and entertaining screen messages and graphics.
  • Public information – Prompt news headlines, weather updates, or time/date information to keep audience engaged.
  • Menu information – Digital menu boards with information on pricing, ingredients and nutritional facts, etc.

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