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Why as a Pub or Bar Owner, You Need This to Attract More Customers Now

The Screen Wizzard Company offers the latest in technology for billboard advertising. This innovative product is a fluorescent back-lit flashing LED screen that makes 24-hour visibility easy and cost-effective for any business, whether it’s a nighttime trade business, pub, club, bar, restaurant, retail store, beauty salon, this LED signage product makes 24-hour visibility effortless.

If you are a pub or bar owner, the Screen Wizzard advertising screens are ideal to use instead of traditional pub chalkboards or bar chalkboards. While traditional chalk boards may be less expensive than the Screen Wizzard’s LED displays, the Screen Wizzard’s products offer so much more in terms of getting customers’ attention, creating more revenue, and having a product that lasts longer than a traditional chalkboard. Pub chalkboards and bar chalkboards are soon going to be a thing of the past. LED signs offer 24-hour visibility to customers, so long after the doors are closed for the day, the sign will still be making owners money.

The Screen Wizzard’s advertising screens are an alternative to traditional chalkboards and neon signs. Chalkboards become harder to clean over time and less attractive, ad neon signs are permanent, meaning you can’t change the text or drawings. The Screen Wizzard’s LED writing board is easy to clean, durable, and re-writeable. Their LED writing board is a 7-color fluorescent, flashing bulb behind either a transparent or a black screen, making text and drawings stand out. The unit is powered by an ac/dc supply that conserves energy, yet leaves the screen bright. Special pens are available for these advertising screens in a variety of bright, fluorescent colors such as white, yellow, green, blue, red, and purple, making text and drawings stand out, attracting more customers. The screens come in a variety of sizes, from functional strips to large, 100-cm boards, and they are re-writeable and easy to clean. They are flexible, portable, and durable with a scratch-resistant acrylic surface. As a plus, the screens are affordable and effective during times of recession. With all the innovative features and ability to stand out, attracting more customers, the Screen Wizzard’s LED writing board is an ideal replacement for traditional chalkboards that many pubs and bars still have.

When placed in your shop window or suspended from a good vantage point, customers will be attracted to this LED sign’s bright, flashing colors, especially at night, thus making you money while you sleep. One reviewer said that the LED screen helped them get rid of a lot of stock over the holidays. They said that their return of investment was less than 48 hours. So, not only does the LED advertising screen have the potential to make you money at night, it pays for itself within days of purchase. Another reviewer says that his revenue increased by £80 a day since he began using the Screen Wizzard’s LED advertising sign. Yet another pub owner said that she found the LED to be the most noticeable form of advertising they’d ever used. She also stated that, “To be able to write your own messages in full color and see them illuminated, changing color and pulsating is a unique way of getting your message across.”




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