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Why These Displays Will Make You Money at Night

The Screen Wizzard Company offers the latest in technology for billboard advertising. This innovative product is a fluorescent back-lit flashing LED screen that makes 24-hour visibility easy and cost-effective for any business, whether it’s a nighttime trade business, pub, club, bar, restaurant, retail store, beauty salon, this LED signage product makes 24-hour visibility effortless.

Even when you aren’t open or working at night, the LED display sign will still be making you money. That’s because with its bright, fluorescent colors and backlit flashing, it will draw motorists and pedestrians to your storefront. Each LED writing board is supplied with a battery pack that powers the unit. With simple operating controls, your message will be highly visible within seconds, attracting lots of attention, thus making you money.

These advertising screens are portable and re-writeable, making them great pub chalkboards or bar chalkboards. They are available in black or transparent backgrounds, and come in a variety of sizes, ranging from LED function strips to large, 100-cm display boards. Special pens for the LED writing boards are available in a variety of bright, fluorescent colors including white, yellow, green, blue, red, and purple that will make your text or drawing stand out, making money for your business even after closing hours. The LED signs are easy to clean and the power unit uses minimal output, conserving energy, yet keeping the screen bright.

One satisfied customer says, “We bought a Screen Wizzard a few weeks ago and hung it in the window of one of our stores. Since then we have see an increase in business – we wouldn’t be happier with the product. It looks smart and slick, it’s easy to use and clean, and most of all, it attracts the attention we need! We would definitely recommend a Screen Wizzard to anyone!”

When suspended from a good vantage point or placed in your shop window, customers will be attracted to its bright, flashing colors, especially at night, thus making you money while you sleep. Another customer said that the LED screen helped them get rid of a lot of stock over the holidays. They said that their return of investment was less than 48 hours. So, not only does the LED advertising screen have the potential to make you money at night, it pays for itself within days of purchase.

The Screen Wizzard Company strives for quality and perfection in every area of the business. Their LED writing screens are manufactured to first class standard. The staff members are highly qualified and courteous, making sure that their customers are especially cared for before, during, and after a sale.

Another product reviewer said that because of its flashing screen, it attracts the attention of customers, which is exactly what they were looking for, but couldn’t put a lit-up shop sign, since they were on the first floor of their building. The LED screen is not made of breakable glass. Instead, it is made of scratch-resistant acrylic. The screens are also portable, yet durable and sturdy.

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