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Your message in lights can increase your business

What we have to offer at The Screen Wizzard Company is an affordable way to increase your business profits. Our portable backlit LED signs can add flare to just about any business whether it is an office or pub.
The standard in marketing is to saturate an area with advertising or placement of standard signage in a targeted area. For the most part we see so many signs on daily basis that we can and tend to block them out altogether, unless they are unique and colorful. To have the flexibility to change your sign at any giving is a major benefit of our signs.
Our signs are the complete opposite. Our signs grab attention from not only your current customers but also your prospective customers and draw them in almost immediately.
You may ask, what are the other benefits to having a unique intention grabbing sign will attract the eyes of anyone close by? That’s easy to answer. The minimum thing any sign must do is create new business, allow your brand to be seen by all, and to create the opportunity for impulse sales.
According to many studies, it has been shown the most of the sales to your business will come from people living within a five mile radius of your business. With that being said wouldn’t it be very clever to have a sign that has your company branding that changes from day to day with a targeted audience? The colorful display will have already attracted the interest of your potential customers you just now have to come up with the message for them to read.
It can be nothing but a winning situation for your company to have a message board that can easily be changed at any time to announce to customers or possible customers of specials deals, sales, and or a scheduled events taking place which you would like them to attend. One pub which owns one of these signs put a joke of the day on the sign along with daily specials for drinks and food.
Here are just a few simple ideas for these signs. There are way too many to list all of the ideas.
1. Create the special of the day, daily specials (Restaurant or Pub)
2. Announce what football games will be shown or upcoming sales (Creates return customer base).
3. Announce a new product or sale (Produces impulse sales).
4. Publish holiday or special hours for your business.
5. Establish your brand name (get your company name out there!).
Standard signs are a great way to advertise a business or product, but the difference with our product is that you have the ability to personalize the message at any time. This will give you a leg up on the standard signs, alongwith having the ability to change the message on the fly at any time.
By now you should be able to see the benefits of having a flexible sign system for your business, but please be aware there are many cheap imitation sign makers. We sell nothing but the highest quality signage.

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